Roof tile fittings & accessories

As one of the market leaders in the industry we pride ourselves on quality, excellence and service. All Infraset Building products carry the SANS mark and are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with SANS 677.

Roof Tiles

Infraset’s state-of-the-art, multi-million rand fully-automated concrete roof tile plant supplies three popular profiles which are in great demand: Sunset TM, a bold roll tile, HorizonTM, a shingle tile and Sunrise 4.4TM, a deep roll tile, in a range of six through-colours, including a multi-colour ‘vintage’ finish. A special range of Sunset tiles has been developed for the affordable housing market and these have been deployed on several housing projects. Although competitively priced, these tiles retain the inherent aesthetic and durability properties which make concrete roof tiles such an attractive roofing solution for the affordable housing market.

In addition, Infraset’s roof tiles are prepacked in a five-tile pack for easy stacking on truss assemblies prior to laying. This method, together with secure strapping in the yard minimizes any beakages during transportation and on-site handling. The design of our roof tiles also includes reinforced transversal ribs for extra strength. Trained roof construction teams comprising four people take approximately one hour to complete the roof of a 42 m 2 house. This high level of productivity means that a team can erect eight roofs in a day. Our commitment to service and delivery ensures a quick turnaround.

Roofing Insulation

Infraset’s Eco Shield TM roofing is the greener solution for homes. For domestic, commercial and light industrial installation, this reflective insulation system offers a permanent way to absorb and transfer heat through our roofs. This effective temperature management regulates temperature for comfort and minimizes the use of energy resources. Reduced heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter results in effective cost savings and reduction of CO2 emissions, therefore less fossil fuel is used. The Eco ShieldTM radiant barrier is eco-friendly, allowing us to live ‘greener’.

Undertile membrane

This product provides the ultimate barrier, for effective protection against gusting winds that dislodge part or all of the roof. Infraset’s Undertile Membrane also acts as an insulator and prevents dust and moisture from entering the loft area, thereby ensuring long-term, superior performance of your roof. Because it is white, the added light makes working in the loft area easier. High tensile, UV stabilized and waterproof, the Undertile Membrane is an outstanding insulator with added benefits.

Sealing solutions

Infra-Flash is a flexible sealing solution for use as a flashing for roof ridges, edges and chimneys. The product is a self-adhesive sealing butyl tape protected by an elongable metal film in reinforced aluminium. It moulds perfectly to irregular structures and is available in a variety of colours. This flexible, lightweight and long-lasting product is also UV resistant and easy to use – the ideal sealing solution.


All tiling and installation must comply with SANS 062:1991 code of practice. Infraset cannot be held responsible for excessive breakages due to bad tiling installation and mishandling.

Through body colours

Through colour tiles are manufactured with pigmentation embedded in the body of the product (tiles and fittings) and no surface colouring is required. Due to the manufacturing process using natural material such as sand, cement and colouring pigments, discoloration can occur due to efflorescent once exposed to the environment, therefore colour uniformity cannot be guaranteed.

Please note : The colours of the tiles represented in this brochure may vary slightly from the true colours due to limitations in the photography, reproduction and printing processes. Always choose your tile from the tile samples.


Guidelines to prevent secondary  efflorescence

Efflorescence found on concrete roof tiles can be classified in two categories: Primary and Secondary efflorescence. Primary efflorescence may occur during the curing of the concrete roof tiles, while secondary efflorescence can occur after the tiles have been exposed to atmospheric conditions.

Secondary efflorescence

The secondary efflorescence mechanism is a result of the initial time of exposure of the roof tiles to outdoor conditions. The maximum intensity is reached during the early life of the product and usually begins to clear about two years after the date of initial exposure.

Secondary efflorescence is a worldwide phenomenon which occurs in extremely low rainfall areas, in highly humid climates, or in high rainfall areas.

Efflorescence is purely superficial and does not affect the durability or strength of concrete, the original colour or the functional properties of the tile. However, it detracts from the uniformity of colour and can stand out against other roofs not affected by efflorescence.

The limitation of secondary efflorescence
Since the exact causes of secondary efflorescence are unknown, only the symptoms can be treated. The following method is to be used in the production process to prevent secondary efflorescence.

Acid treatment
Cured concrete roof tiles are treated with a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid as part of the manufacturing process. The objective of this treatment is to remove any efflorescence chemically.

The term efflorescence covers a number of different phenomena. Although they all appear as a white haze of calcium carbonate on concrete roof tiles they are the result of very different causes. In the case of secondary efflorescence, a solution has not been achieved, as it is not possible to reproduce it in the laboratory.

Of the greatest importance is the fact that the natural removal of efflorescence does not affect the original colour of the product. In no way does it hinder the product’s permeability, colour consistency or continuing strength growth with age. These are all important factors which contribute towards making concrete tiles an exceptionally successful and cost-effective roofing medium.

Efflorescence is purely superficial and aesthetic. It does not affect the functional properties of the tiles or the physical performance of the roof in any way.

Written and approved by the Concrete Manufacturers Association

Attractive Tiles

Infraset offer a wide range of attractive tiles with exceptional features, offering the best in convenience, quality and service excellence.

Root Fittings & accessories

We offer a variety of fittings and accessories for our wide range of attractive building roof tiles which are available to match all roof tile profiles.