Infraset offer a wide range of attractive tiles with exceptional features, offering the best in convenience, quality and service excellence.

Infraset’s roof tiles are prepacked in a five-tile pack for easy stacking on truss assemblies prior to laying. This method, together with secure strapping in the yard minimizes any beakages during transportation and on-site handling. The design of our roof tiles also includes reinforced transversal ribs for extra strength. Trained roof construction teams comprising four people take approximately one hour to complete the roof of a 42 m2 house. This high level of productivity means that a team can erect eight roofs in a day. Our commitment to service and delivery ensures a quick turnaround.

Attractive Tiles

Features of Infraset’s concrete roof tiles

Easy loading
Infraset roof tiles are pre-packed in an easy-to-handle five-tile pack making loading and stacking onto the roof quick and secure.

Secure strapping
All Infraset concrete roof tiles are securely strapped in the yard to minimise any breakages during transportation.

Quick turnaround
Our commitment to quality service and delivery ensures a quick turnaround time at the point of loading.

Multi-Blend applications
Multi-Blend tiles should be premixed on the ground before moving to the roof surface. The ratio of tiles to be used in our Vintage Multi-Blend colour ranges can be found in the product pages and the brochures.