Specified by the architect, these pavers uplift the overall appearance of this new shopping centre and create a village-like ambience on the pavements and walkways.

This was the first time that the manufacturer’s newly launched dry-pressed flagstone paver and a dry-pressed cobble paver, were combined on a major project. The combination offered an aesthetically pleasing finish and was more cost-effective than the wet-cast alternative.

To extend the centre’s village feel, the 22 500m2 open car park was paved with interlocking pavers in combination with ±2 000m2 of cobbles. The cobbles were used to demarcate a pedestrian walkway through the car park adding pleasing visual diversity. They were also used for flower bed edging and as accent lines between the flagstones.

The architects were impressed with the outcome and complimented the paving contractor and the main contractor on their combined input.