The Infraset Terrace Blok® TB 300/490 system has unique features that firmly establish it as a market leader.

The Infraset Terrace Blok® system has unique features that firmly establish it as a market leader .

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Terrace Blok® TB 300/490

Economical – Seven blocks per square metre.

Open or Closed Face Options – by using a unique slider that fits easily between the blocks.

Plantability – it’s open bottom-hole design and trough shape create a greenhouse effect within the environs of the block. This promotes rapid healthy plant growth with unrestricted root systems that aid in the stabilisation of the bank.

Quality – this product is manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 requirements and carries a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Testing – backed by full-scale tests conducted by independent geotechnical engineers, every aspect of Terrace Blok® has been checked to establish the design integrity of the system.

Cautionary Note:

  • The design of dry-stack concrete retaining systems involves geotechnical rather than structural elements.
  • Check with your local authorities regarding their requirements for the design, plan submission and stability certification of your retaining structure before commencing construction.
  • This leaflet serves as a guideline not a guarantee. For specific applications please make use of our free technical service.

Terrace Blok® TB300/490 is available in Grey.

Colours can be made to order – quantity dependant.


Technical specifications

TB 300 TB 490
Mass per block 40 kg 49 kg
Length 300mm 490mm
Width 470mm 470mm
Height 180mm 180mm
Number of blocks per m2
– Straight line 7 7
– Curved structures 8-9 8-9
Standard wall angle 75o 75o
Engineered options 55o/ 75o 55o/ 75o
KwaZulu-Natal dimensions and weights vary from those shown above. Please ask for a TB 300/500 leaflet.