The Infraset Terrace Blok® is a light versatile concrete block which provides the ideal solution for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts wishing to provide support to slopes in their gardens.

With the Terrace Blok® construction is simple. Blocks can be rapidly stacked without the need for foundations or mortar.

Whilst stacking, the blocks are filled with either topsoil or humus. The appearance of the entire structure can then be enhanced by planting herbs, creepers or flowers in each of the various pockets. Plants that grow well in your garden will perform even better in a Terrace Blok® structure. Due to the moisture retention capacity of concrete, the structure, when warmed by the sun, is transformed into a humid microclimate.

This facilitates the speedy establishment of plant life in each of the earth pockets. Root systems remain unrestricted and can extend into the natural embankment behind the wall.

The Terrace Blok® can be stacked to accommodate straight edges, curves or right angles. Its applications are limited only by your imagination.

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Terrace Blok 190/190 Rockface

Keep in mind

The overall stability of a gravity retaining structure relies on the mass of the wall per square metre. For this reason the following safety pointers should be kept in mind:

  • Unusual conditions should be examined by our own staff.
  • Near vertical structures should not exceed a height of seven courses or 1 260mm.
  • Should your requirement be for higher structures at steeper wall angles, the bigger Terrace Blok® TB 300/490 and Löffelstein® systems should be used.
  • Before building your wall ensure that you comply with your local bylaws and requirements.

Please contact any of our various outlets for free technical advice.


  • The blocks should be set in a 100mm deep level trench.
  • If the ground inclines sharply, the blocks can be stepped up in multiples of 180mm.
  • The spacing between blocks on the same layer is 320mm. If stacked to this spacing, 9-10 blocks per m2 are required, measured vertically. The slope angle does not change the number of blocks required per m2.
  • A solid wall can be constructed by placing the units with a 10mm gap between them, in which case 15 units per m2 are required.
  • Loose soil behind the wall must be hand-compacted and watered row-by-row to avoid settlement at a later stage.
  • The individual pockets in the wall should be loosely filled with humus leaving sufficient space for each plant’s own soil mass when it is taken out of the nursery bag.

Available in Sahara Sand, Multi-blend and Tan.


Technical specifications

Mass per block – approx. ± 17,5 kg
Length 390mm
Depth 190mm
Height 180mm
Number of blocks
– per m2 ± 9
– per linear metre open space 1,8
– closed space 2,5
Maximum height @ 70/75 1,2m *
7 courses