A versatile, structurally sound and robust block.

RidgeBlok is versatile

  • The RidgeBlok is a dry stacked, concrete block system that can be aligned into tight, convex and concave curves.
  • The spacing between RidgeBlok can easily be narrowed to increase the unit weight of the wall and its effectiveness as a gravity structure. Alternatively, greater spacing between the blocks increases the plantable area for a more environmentally-friendly end product.
  • The open spaces can be increased to provide a more open and permeable facing to prevent excess build up of pore-water pressures behind the retaining wall.

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RidgeBlok is structurally sound and robust

  • The solid concrete blocks are robust, resulting in fewer breakages during transport and construction activities.
  • The RidgeBlok  is a solid concrete block designed to dissipate stresses effectively once built into a retaining wall.
  • The deep-lip recess system (tongue and groove) provides a positive interlocking force to dissipate horizontal forces exerted on the interface between the blocks.
  • The compressive strength of the solid concrete RidgeBlok allows for construction of higher walls compared to hollow concrete retaining blocks.

RidgeBlok is unique

  • The  RidgeBlok  facing is constructed at any angle between 70° and 90° to the horizontal without compromising any of its structural integrity. This character is seen as a major advantage over conventional, dry-stacked concrete blocks used in retaining-wall structures.
  • The architectural grooves on the one side of the RidgeBlok enable the blocks to be packed indifferent visually pleasing patterns.

RidgeBlok is integrated

  • The deep-lip recess system, tongue and groove system, provides a positive clamping force between the RidgeBlok  and the facing geosynthetic reinforced backfill. This aspect is seen as a major advantage over the conventional concrete retaining block which relies solely on friction to prevent “pull-out” of the geosynthetic from the concrete block.


Technical specifications

Length 270mm
Height of block 145mm
Width 302mm
Block per m2
• Closed face wall ± 25
• Open face wall ± 16
Minimum radius, convex or concave 2m
Mass of block 24kg


A base block is available for the foundation of a 75o or 85o wall.

Base blocks to be ordered seperately.