The Infraset InfraBlok® 350 retaining block system is unique in its flexibility and aesthetic appeal. TM 59

  • The block allows for the creation of convex or concave curves.
  • Transition from vertical concrete filled to plantable inclined installations can easily be achieved.
  • The blocks interlock in the horizontal plane.
  • The construction of complex staircases can be incorporated into the wall with relative ease.
  • Vertical structural walls can be achieved using reinforcing steel to create columns within the wall.
  • Handrails, light posts and fences can be set in concrete on top and within the block.
  • The closed-face construction method allows for maximum wall mass and effective backfill compaction.
  • It is ideal to fill the blocks (in the offset configuration) in order to landscape the completed wall.

Cautionary note

  • The design of dry-stack concrete retaining systems involves geotechnical rather than structural elements.
  • Check with your local authorities regarding their requirements for the design, plan submission and stability certification of your retaining structure before starting construction.
  • This leaflet serves as a guideline not a guarantee.

InfraBlok® 350 Split face only. Available in Grey, Tan, Sahara Sand and Multiblend.

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Infrablok® 350


Technical specifications

Length 350
Width 280
Height 200
Blocks per m2 18
Av. mass of block (kg) 20
Volume by Infill 0.011
Mass of Constructed Wall 600 kg per m2
Colours Available Grey, Tan, Sahara Sand and Multiblend