Paving blocks (230 x 140 x 80mm) in a multi-colour sahara sands were laid on this private road and parking area at Steyn City. The cobble borders (100mm x 100mm x 60mm) were not supplied by the manufacturer entering this award.

The road and parking area were designed to take various types of vehicles ranging from golf carts and small cars to delivery trucks which is why an 80mm block with an interlocking shape was specified by the architect.

A total of 64 000 pavers were used to cover 17 000m2 of roads and parking areas. They were laid of 150 mm in-situ using local material and above that 150mm G5 which was stabilised with cement and compacted to 95% Mod AASHTO.

This is a flexible design and the joints were grouted with dry plaster sand. This means the paving does require regular regrouting with additional plaster sand especially after the rainy season.