Infraset’s Village Cobble® is a paving stone which in an inimitable way imparts the character of cobbles to the paved area.

The Village Cobble®, which is 150mm square and 60 or 80mm thick, is ideal for use in townhouse complexes, shopping malls, office blocks, homes and sidewalks. In addition, as a result of its thickness, it is also suitable for use in car parks and driveways.

Village Cobble®, which carries the SABS mark, normally features a bevelled edge. However, it can be rumbled to provide the designer with a more rustic feel and can be bush-hammered. Its shape and texture make it an ideal contrasting material when used with any of the many other pavers in the Infraset range.

The paver is supplied in a range of colours and 44 blocks are required for each m2 of paving.


Length: 150mm Width: 150mm
Thickness: 60mm and 80mm.


Approximately 44 blocks per m2.


Allowance must be made for laying tolerance and edge cutting.

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Village Cobble®

Technical specifications

Product Name Village Cobble®
Dimensions 150mm x 150mm x 60mm/80mm
Thickness 60mm / 80mm
Paver Per Meter Squared 44