Uni-Decor® is increasingly being used by architects and developers who are seeking more pleasing shapes, colours and textures for their buildings and surroundings.

Today’s landscape architechts and developers are fully in touch with the forces that shape the built environment and many are using Uni-Decor® for more pleasing shapes, colours and textures in their landscape designs.

Art and Uni-Decor®

  • Interesting and aesthetically pleasing areas can be created with the unique shape and colours
  • The cobblestone effect adds charm and character
  • There is total design flexibility.

Engineering and Uni-Decor®

  • Designed for strength and durability
  • The interlocking action increases load-carrying abilities
  • The chamfered edges preserve the riding surface
  • The non-skid surface is safer
  • Underground services can be reached easily
    and quickly
  • The surface can be in use immediately after laying.

Nature and Uni-Decor®

  • The earthy colours blend into the environment
  • The textured cobblestone effect links the building to its surroundings
  • Natural harmony and balance is created with the unique, decorative blocks.

Applications for Uni-Decor®

  • Commercial forecourts, shopping malls, townhouse developments, driveways, pavements and walkways, patios, courtyards and parking lots.


Length: 230mm
Width: 140mm
Thickness: 60 or 80mm


Approximately 38 blocks per m2.


Allowance must be made for laying tolerance and edge cutting.

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Technical specifications

Product Name Uni-Decor®
Dimensions 230mm x 140mm x 60/80mm
Thickness 60/80mm
Paver Per Meter Squared 38