Since its introduction to South Africa, Masonique® has earned an enviable reputation as a state-of-theart paver. The reasons are many, including its elegance, beauty and versatility. In addition, being bevelled on both sides, Masonique® allows for easy installation and maintenance. Because chipped or damaged pavers can be turned over and used, site wastage is significantly reduced.

Masonique® elegance

  • Warm, subtle, body-through colours including multi-blend options
  • A texture that blends naturally with the environment
  • Non-slippery when wet
  • Exciting and interesting shapes and designs can be created.

Masonique® precision

  • Strong and durable. Manufactured from quality materials
  • Light, easy to handle and install
  • No cement grouting needed
  • Fully reversible – easy to lift and relay.

Masonique® versatility

50mm thick: Driveways, walkways, pedestrian malls, patios, pathways and pool surrounds.


Length : 224mm

Width : 112mm

Thickness : 50mm.


Approximately 40 blocks per m2.


Allowance must be made for laying tolerance and edge cutting.

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Technical specifications

Product Name Masonique
Dimensions 224mm x 112mm x 50mm
Thickness 50mm
Paver Per Meter Squared 40