Craz “E”® Classic Cobble® gives a beautiful small cobblestone effect to paved areas.

Craz “E”® Classic Cobble® can be used in conjunction with Classic Cobble® which gives a more rustic effect to the cobblestone.


  • Warm subtle colours
  • A texture that blends naturally into the environment
  • Non-slippery when wet.


  • Strong and durable
  • No cement grouting needed
  • Easily lifted and replaced
  • Easy maintenance
  • Light and easy to install.


Length: 200mm
Width: 100mm
Thickness: 55mm


Approximately 50 blocks per m2.


Allowance must be made for laying tolerance and edge cutting.

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craz e classic cobble - back

Technical specifications

Product Name Craz “E”® Classic Cobble®
Dimensions 100mm x 55mm x 200mm
Thickness 55mm
Paver Per Meter Squared 50