Its elegant charm, smooth finish and appealing colours have made the Cottage Stone® paver a favourite in applications as varied as home gardens, shopping malls, office parking, patios, swimming pool areas and retirement home projects.

The Cottage Stone® is a uniform paver. This unique paver features a non-bevelled edge on one face making it ideal for use in areas where trolley and heel-friendly surfaces are required. The alternative face has a small bevelled edge, thereby providing two finish options.

Cottage Stone® is highly cost-effective with only 33 blocks required for each m2 of paving and is offered in a range of body-through colours.

The use of the paver is, however, not restricted to conventional pavements. It can be used for constructing flower boxes, stairs, benches, municipal pavements, walkways, traffic islands and parking areas. It can also be employed to create a wide variety of contrasting effects when used in conjunction with Infraset’s wide range of paving products.

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Cottage Stone

Technical specifications

Product Name Cottage Stone
Dimensions 150mm x 50mm x 200mm
Thickness 50mm
Paver Per Meter Squared 33 Blocks per m2